Food for Glowing Skin

Every women’s dream is a beautiful younger looking skin. Isn’t it?

Are we taking best measures to slow down the process of ageing? remember we can slow down, completely evading is not possible.

Food plays a major role in keeping skin in right condition, question now is are we taking right food to be intact with our dreams!!. Lets see what are naturally available food sources which are good for skin.

Pomegranate:Rich in Vitamins, Minerals, packed with anti-oxidants, a miracle fruit for your skin. It contains ellagic acid which helps in collagen production. that’s it, a miracle for younger looking skin.

Dark chocolate: who do not love chocolate, mood booster, contains flavonoids , this increases blood circulation giving bright and clear skin. Consume in less amounts to avoid high calorie consumption 🙂

Avocados : Best anti-ageing food. with almost all vitamins B1,B2,B3,B5,B6,B9,C,E, Need anything more?

Lemon- Orange- Vitamin C Enriched fruits, protects skin from free radicals. stands first in protecting skin and handily available.

Salmon- Fish oil: Pot full of amino acids. builds collagen and improves elasticity in skin. If you want skin to be repaired after lot of damage, choose lot of amino acids.

Along with this super foods try to include cinnamon, ginger,clove, turmeric, thyme, oregano which gives protection from harmful UV rays.

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